Pool of 20

CryostaX - Single Freeze Pooled Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes (pool of 20)
Cat nr HPCH20 and HPCH20-50

Donor Information

Yield & Viability

(Yield and viability are based on experiments performed at XenoTech using XenoTech’s thawing protocol and K2000 Hepatocyte Isolation Kit.)

Characterisation provided

Enzyme Marker substrate reaction
CYP1A2 Phenacetin O-dealkylation
CYP2A6 Coumarin 7-hydroxylation
CYP2B6 Bupropion hydroxylation
CYP2C8 Amodiaquine N-dealkylation
CYP2C9 Diclofenac 4'-hydroxylation
CYP2C19 S-Mephenytoin 4'-hydroxylation
CYP2D6 Dextromethorphan O-demethylation
CYP2E1 Chlorzoxazone 6-hydroxylation
CYP3A4/5 Testosterone 6b-hydroxylation
CYP3A4/5 Midazolam 1'-hydroxylation
UGT 7 Hydroxycoumarin glucuronidation
SULT 7 Hydroxycoumarin sulfonation